Thursday, July 28, 2011

cherry picking

One of my assignments was to do an activity analysis. That required me to pick an activity and observe it for about an hour in order to analyze it.

I immediately thought to pick something that would give me a great excuse to have fun while doing homework.

That lead to a drive out to a local farming community to pick some cherries with TJ after class. Let me tell you, I analyzed the heck out of that activity. Mostly in between fistfuls of cherries, but I'm pretty sure I got all of the info I needed. And 5lbs. of cherries on the side.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Extensor Indicis

One of my favorite studying tools is my giant whiteboard and set of 8 brightly colored dry erase markers. I use them to help me study for my cadaver anatomy class. The whole class consists of learning all the muscles in the body. Not just their names, but where they attach, how they function, and what nerve they're innervated by.

Though I'm no artist, my anatomy drawing skills are definitely improving.