Friday, March 18, 2011

Why Jumping Bean?

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Andrea Jean. This girl absolutely loved to read books. One day, she was absolutely thrilled when her mom bought her a new book called, "Norma Jean, Jumping Bean." Instantly, Andrea felt a bond with this kangaroo named Norma Jean, because they shared the same middle name.

You probably guessed it... that girl was me.

"Norma Jean, Jumping Bean" tells the story of a kangaroo who loved to jump, but she didn't always know the appropriate times to jump, which lead to lots of trouble for Norma Jean. She thought that the only way she could stop causing trouble was to never jump again. (She was a sad kangaroo, as I'm sure you could imagine). By the end of the story she realized that she could still jump, BUT, there is a time for jumping.

Now that I've gotten older, I identify with more than just Norma Jean's middle name, but also with the struggles that often are apart of deciding when and where to jump in life. (Pretty deep for kids book, eh?)

Over the last year I've taken some pretty huge leaps. Leaps I never thought I would take. I've been pushed to places I didn't think I would go, (like a cadaver lab), and accomplished things I wouldn't have thought I was capable of accomplishing. This blog is going to be a spattering of stories of the last year, tales of grad school, and day-to-day happenings of life. Though I would have never guessed this is what my life would look like on the brink of 25, I wouldn't have it any other way. 

So here's to jumping...and landing on your feet. 

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